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What are the tracks of our lives?

For many people, music is the backdrop to many life experiences. Either directly through going to concerts or playing instruments or indirectly through what was playing in a club, bar or restaurant during some of life’s more poignant moments.

Music has the power to invoke a multitude of emotions. And helps us process our emotions. There’s a whole genre dedicated to processing sadness: the blues!

When I started this radio station, I thought about the tracks of my life. And what had formed my musical identity over the years. But this has now expanded to include the tracks of the lives of important people in my life; family and friends.

I love to travel with my wife and sometimes the kids and grandkids too. When I meet people on my travels, from all over the world, they now share the tracks of their lives. And often, someone else’s experience with a particular track, is entirely different to mine, even if it’s from the same era, same moment of my life. Which is fascinating. And why I love doing this radio project.

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